By the Great Mayan Ruler K'inich Janaab Pakal I

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It was on a cold day on 12 Xul 14 k'in,

When the sun betrayed us, and the sky grew dark,

That the divine sky chariots arrived.

Our gods, who had always watched over us from their celestial thrones...

Now joined our ranks and fought with us.

They brought with them vast powers to smite down the enemy!

Even the elder gods, who lived beneath the earth,

And had terrorized us since the dawn of time,

Were no match for their cosmic powers.

But then the helmet demons arrived,

With their own terrible machines of destruction,

And even our mighty gods trembled in fear.

But we have faith.
Our masters are kind and powerful,

And they have technological wonders beyond imagining at their fingertips.

But will they defeat the demon fleet?

Only time will tell.
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